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The Office of Audit (OA) conducts audits of HUD operations as well as its program partners that carry out hundreds of HUD programs and activities. OA consists of 9 divisions, 2 at its headquarters in Washington, DC, and 7 locations across the United States. HUD officials, policymakers, and other stakeholders use OA’s insights to help ensure that HUD and its partners succeed in carrying out the Department’s mission.

Audits provide HUD recommendations on which departmental officials can take action to improve internal operations, programs, and program activities. OA recommendations also impact proposed legislation and regulations and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in HUD operations and programs.

OA’s performance audits focus on whether programs are achieving desired results in an efficient and effective manner and are carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Audits of HUD’s annual financial statements assess whether these required statements are fairly represented and internal controls over financial reporting and information systems are adequate.

OA also conducts civil fraud reviews, which focus on identifying fraud committed against HUD programs. Through partnerships with our attorneys and special agents, HUD enforcement personnel, and local prosecutors, OA pursues civil and administrative remedies meant to help HUD recover damages sustained due to fraud.