The Office of Audit (OA) plans and conducts audits and civil fraud reviews of HUD activities and operations that include:

(1) Headquarters programs and operations, and the activities of HUD's field offices located in 10 Regions.

(2) hundreds of HUD programs and initiatives; and

(3) thousands of contractors and program participants doing business with the Department.

Our highly skilled team of auditors, information technology specialists, management analysts, and administrative support staff are assigned to four Headquarters Divisions and eight Regional offices.

The Office of Audit is responsible for conducting a variety of audits and other reviews in all HUD program areas. OA's significant workload is generally divided into four primary categories Performance Audits, Information System Audits, Financial Audits, and Advisory and Assistance Services.


In accordance with Section 4 of the Inspector General Act of 1978, the Office of Audit reviews existing and proposed legislation and regulations relating to programs and operations of HUD. OA makes recommendations concerning the impact the proposed legislation or regulations may have on the economy and efficiency in the administration of programs and operations administered or financed by HUD or the impact for preventing and detecting fraud and abuse in such programs and operations.

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