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HUD OIG Hotline number: 1-800-347-3735

Toll-Free and Toll Access Number for Federal Relay:

  • (800) 877-8339 TTY/ASCII (American Standard Code For Information Interchange) – Allows TTY Users to type their conversation


What Should I Report to the Hotline?
  • Violations of federal laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs and funding
  • Substantial and specific danger to health or public safety at HUD Public and Multifamily Housing Developments
  • Contract and procurement irregularities
  • Theft and abuse of government property
  • Employee misconduct
  • Abuse of authority or conflict of interests
  • Housing subsidy fraud
  • Serious mismanagement
  • Ethics violations by HUD officials
  • Bribery
What Information Do I Need to Provide?
  • You must submit a written statement in support of allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and/or mismanagement.
  • WHO (Names, addresses, phone numbers)
  • WHAT (Specific events and evidence; loss to HUD program)
  • WHEN (Date, time, frequency)
  • WHERE (Location, City, State, Housing Authority)
  • WHY (Gain to violator)
  • HOW (What scheme was used)
  • Information that is too vague or cannot be supported can result in a closed report, without any action taken.
What Will Happen After Making a Report
  • The decision to pursue a Hotline report either through an investigation, audit, or review, rests exclusively with the OIG. The OIG will not provide you with case status updates or other information while the case is under review.
  • Under no circumstances will the OIG provide you with the status of action taken on an allegation.


HUD OIG accepts three different types of complaints. General, Contractor, and Whistleblower. Complaint forms are located below each description.



HUD OIG Hotline number: 1-800-347-3735


The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) now requires all contractors to notify the government whenever they become aware of a contract overpayment or fraud. If you are a federal contractor, or employee of same, and you have evidence of a violation of federal law involving fraud, conflict of interest, bribery, gratuity violations, or violations of the False Claims Act, please complete and submit this form.


The Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended at Section 3, requires the OIG to designate a Whistleblower Protection Coordinator, who shall educate agency employees about prohibitions on retaliation for protected disclosures, and employees’ rights and remedies against retaliation for protected disclosures.

The IG Act protects the confidentiality of HUD employees’ disclosures by prohibiting the OIG from disclosing the employee’s identity unless the OIG determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation. IG Act of 1978, Section 7(b).

  • For more information about what disclosures are protected, ways to make a disclosure, and protections and remedies available to HUD employees: Click here
  • To make a complaint of fraud, waste, abuse or other wrongdoing in a HUD program: Click here
  • To make a complaint of retaliation as a result of making disclosure: Click here

The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is the independent federal entity that investigates disclosures and complaints by federal employees of whistleblower retaliation. The OIG works with the OSC to investigate these cases. Federal employees may file disclosures or complaints directly with the OSC.


In 2013, Congress passed a law protecting employees of federal grantees, contractors, and their subgrantees or subcontractors who disclose waste, fraud, abuse, or other violations in federal programs, from retaliation by their employer. Each OIG is tasked with reviewing and investigating retaliation complaints relating to the programs the OIG oversees.

  • For more information about what is a covered disclosure, what is retaliation, and what are employee remedies: Click here

If you do not fall into one of the two categories above, but wish to report fraud, waste, abuse, or other wrongdoing regarding a HUD Program, you may make a disclosure through the HUD OIG Hotline by clicking here.