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Title Announced Priority Area Program Area State
Attestation Engagement of HUD’s Compliance with Office of National Drug Control Policies (ONDCP) for Fiscal Year 2022 Reporting
Published Report(s)
10/2022 Promoting Integrity and Efficiency in HUD's Operations Community Planning and Development All


HUD OIG has initiated an attestation engagement of HUD’s Fiscal Year 2022 National Drug Control activities. Our objective is to obtain limited assurance about whether any material modifications should be made to HUD’s assertions on its drug control funding and accompanying fiscal year 2022 reports in order for them to be in accordance with ONDCP’s requirements. OIG is required to do this attestation at least every 3 years. HUD must submit to the director of ONDCP, not later than February 1 of each year, a detailed accounting of all funds spent by the agency for National Drug Control Program activities during the previous fiscal year and the accounting must be authenticated by the OIG prior to submission to the Director as frequently as determined by the Inspector General but not less frequently than every 3 years. OIG last performed the review of HUD’s reporting to ONDCP in fiscal year 2019, thus we must perform this work for FY 22.