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Date Issued
September 28, 2018
Closed Date
August 10, 2020
OIG Component Office
Require the City to develop and implement HOME procedures, including training for the City’s employees, to ensure that (1) commitments are accurately entered into IDIS to maintain data integrity and (2) the HOME program is administered in accordance with HUD’s and its own requirements.
Program Office
Community Planning and Development
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2018-AT-1011-001-A Closed September 28, 2018 Require the City to support $441,202 ($370,729 $20,000 $50,473) or reimburse its program from non-Federal funds for commitments and expenditures not adequately supported.
2018-AT-1011-001-B Closed September 28, 2018 Require the City to reimburse its program $33,258 from non-Federal funds for inappropriate costs incurred before the written agreements were executed.
2018-AT-1011-001-C Closed September 28, 2018 Recapture and thereby put $32,019 to better use, which the City did not commit by its 24-month statutory commitment deadline in fiscal year 2015 funding for activity 1464.
2018-AT-1011-001-E Closed September 28, 2018 Verify that the remaining 14 (Footnote 5 - As detailed in the Scope and Methodology section of this report, we reviewed 23 of the 37 commitments entered into IDIS by the City.) commitments made during the period January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2017, were properly supported with written agreements and accurately entered into IDIS.
2018-AT-1011-001-F Closed September 28, 2018 Require the City to follow its newly developed policy regarding the execution of a written agreement that is signed and dated by all parties before the commitment of any funds in IDIS.