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Date Issued
June 20, 2018
Closed Date
August 06, 2020
OIG Component Office
Develop and implement tools to improve record-keeping practices to support the eligibility, necessity, and reasonableness of the HOME activities.
Program Office
Community Planning and Development
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2018-BO-1003-001-A Closed June 20, 2018 Repay from non-Federal sources the $1,451,559 in ineligible funds when the HOME program commitment requirements were not completed as required, the environmental reviews were not properly completed, and funds were not disbursed in accordance with written agreements.
2018-BO-1003-001-B Closed June 20, 2018 Support that $1,559,908 in HOME funds disbursed was reasonable, supported, and allowable in accordance with Federal requirements or repay from non-Federal funds any amount that cannot be supported.
2018-BO-1003-001-C Closed June 20, 2018 Support that $1,253,596 in funds not yet expended was reasonable, supported, and allowable or reallocate the funds, thus ensuring that they will be put to their intended use.
2018-BO-1003-001-D Closed June 20, 2018 Develop and implement adequate underwriting policies and procedures for their affordable housing activities and for the downpayment assistance program to ensure that HOME activities are consistent and meet Federal requirements. Further, they should include the downpayment underwriting policies and procedures in the written agreement with the City’s subrecipient.
2018-BO-1003-001-E Closed June 20, 2018 Cancel activities in IDIS that have had no construction in more than 12 months.
2018-BO-1003-001-F Closed June 20, 2018 Develop and implement adequate environmental policies and procedures to ensure that HOME activities are properly classified, the environmental review is documented and supported, and that HUD and Federal environmental requirements have been followed before committing HOME funds to an activity
2018-BO-1003-001-G Closed June 20, 2018 Determine the total supported development costs for the completed HOME activities and calculate and obtain any program income due to the HOME program.
2018-BO-1003-001-H Closed June 20, 2018 Support that City officials properly administered the HOME program and earned $338,665 in HOME administrative fees or repay from non-Federal funds any amount that cannot be supported.
2018-BO-1003-001-J Closed June 20, 2018 Request that HUD headquarters recalculate the City’s commitment shortfall for program year 2013 based on the lack of the amendment with the City’s subrecipient and for the projects that were not properly committed.
2018-BO-1003-001-K Closed June 20, 2018 Provide technical assistance to the City to ensure that City officials responsible for administering the HOME program receive necessary HOME program training.