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Date Issued
June 14, 2019
Closed Date
August 12, 2020
OIG Component Office
Update its records retention policy to meet HUD’s records retention requirements for supporting documentation for Federal program expenses, including salaries.
Program Office
Community Planning and Development
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2019-AT-1004-001-A Open June 14, 2019 Put $417,113 in unspent NSP1 funds associated with three activities to better use by reprogramming the funds to other subrecipients using an appropriate method or return the funds to HUD.
2019-AT-1004-001-B Open June 14, 2019 Support or reimburse its NSP1 grant $1,300,000 from non-Federal funds for the unsupported reallocation of grant funds.
2019-AT-1004-001-C Closed June 14, 2019 Establish and implement a written policy and procedures to recapture and reallocate unused NSP funds in a timely manner.
2019-AT-1004-001-D Open June 14, 2019 Support or reimburse the appropriate NSP grant $1,186,105 from non-Federal funds for the unsupported subrecipient and administrative expenditures.
2019-AT-1004-001-F Open June 14, 2019 Update the NSP program income information in HUD’s grant tracking system and quarterly performance reports and reconcile with the Department’s records.
2019-AT-1004-001-G Open June 14, 2019 Establish and implement written procedures and provide adequate training to staff associated with administering the NSP grant to help ensure accurate reporting of program income.
2019-AT-1004-001-H Closed June 14, 2019 Develop and implement a remediation plan for the six NSP activities to show that the national objectives have been met as required to support $11,916,072 in program funds drawn or reimburse its program from non-Federal funds.
2019-AT-1004-001-I Closed June 14, 2019 Work with the Department so that it plans properly to ensure that the six activities identified in this report meet a national objective thereby avoiding extended project delays.
2019-AT-1004-001-J Closed June 14, 2019 Review the Department’s remaining NSP grant expenditures before its drawdowns to ensure that the expenditures are eligible and adequately supported.