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HUD OIG performed corrective action verification for an audit recommendation cited in the audit report, Cuthbert Housing Authority, Public Housing Programs (2004-AT-1001) issued January 15, 2004. The purpose of the corrective action verification was to determine whether the selected audit recommendation was implemented and expended its funds in accordance with HUD regulations.

The Authority did not comply with its HUD-approved agreement to obtain repayment of $327,326 advanced to one of its affiliates, the Development Corporation, and did not stop advancing funds until November 2004, although it agreed it would stop by June 2004. The Authority collected sporadic payments from the Development Corporation after the agreement was executed, leaving a current balance of $224,494. In addition to the $224,494, we verified two other receivables of $148,305 and $126,609 advanced by the Authority to the Development Corporation. Also, the Authority paid a law firm $9,000 to lobby the Georgia state legislature to eliminate barriers to developing affordable housing in rural Georgia.

OIG recommended that the Director of HUD's Atlanta Office of Public Housing continue to work with the Authority to collect $224,449 from the Development Corporation and reimburse its operating fund, require the Authority to collect $274,914 from the Development Corporation and reimburse its operating fund, apply appropriate sanctions if the Authority does not comply with its payback agreement, and require the Authority to reimburse its operating fund $9,000 from nonfederal sources.