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We audited the Housing Authority of the City of Stamford, doing business as Charter Oak Communities.  We received an anonymous complaint against the Authority related to an alleged improper procurement.  The complainant alleged that Authority officials awarded a contract to an employee’s spouse without following procurement and conflict-of-interest requirements.  In addition, a previous audit (Audit report number 2012-BO-1002 issued March 14, 2012) at the Authority found that Authority officials did not maintain adequate documentation to demonstrate that they properly awarded and administered their contracts and purchase orders in accordance with Federal requirements and their own procurement policy.  Therefore, our objective was to determine whether the complaint had merit, and whether procurement and conflict-of-interest rules and regulations were violated.

Although the complaint had merit, Authority officials took appropriate corrective action to resolve the issues. In addition, contract files reviewed showed that Authority officials properly procured the Authority’s vendors and maintained the required documentation to demonstrate such compliance in accordance with 24 CFR 85.36 and their own procurement policy; therefore we do not have any recommendations. Also, disbursements tested were adequately supported with the exception of two minor issues, which were discussed with officials who took corrective action.  This memo does not contain any recommendations.