The HUD Office of Inspector General Audit Plan provides brief descriptions of activities that HUD OIG plans to initiate or continue with respect to HUD programs and operations in a fiscal year. Audit Plans describe the primary objectives and concerns for each review and indicates whether the work will be a new start during the year or was in progress at the start of the fiscal year.

HUD OIG does not provide additional details on jobs to be undertaken or information on the status of jobs contained in its Audit Plan. HUD OIG's email list subscribers automatically receive notification when new reports are posted to the website.

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Audit Plan February 28, 2019

Audit Plan May 14, 2018

Audit Plan September 30, 2017

Audit Plan March 31, 2017

Audit Plan September 30, 2016

Audit Plan September 30, 2015

Audit Plan March 31, 2015

Audit Plan October 1, 2014

Audit Plan February 28, 2014

Audit Plan September 30, 2013

Audit Plan July 09, 2013

Audit Plan October 31, 2012

Audit Plan March 30, 2012

Audit Plan November 30, 2011

Audit Plan June 15, 2011

Audit Plan December 31, 2010

Audit Plan May 31, 2010

Audit Plan December 1, 2009

Audit Plan September 1, 2009

Audit Plan November 1, 2008

Audit Plan March 1, 2008

Audit Plan December 1, 2007

Audit Plan August 1, 2007

Audit Plan March 1, 2007

Audit Plan December 1, 2006

Audit Plan August 21, 2006

Audit Plan December 30, 2005

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