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How PHAs Can Lock Out Tenant Fraud

More can be done to combat tenant fraud and correct errors.  While enforcement is one tool, it should be part of a comprehensive approach that tries to prevent as well as detect violations.  This bulletin emphasizes the important role of Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) in maintaining integrity in the programs that provide rental assistance to low-income families.  Some of the successful procedures and techniques used by PHAs to address the problem of…

Procurement & Contracting: Five Ground Rules for Executive Directors and Commissioners

Goods and services must be procured in an effective manner and in compliance with Federal, State, and local laws.  Although the majority of public housing agencies (PHA) comply with these rules and regulations, we are issuing this bulletin to assist you in identifying weaknesses in procurement and contracting procedures. 

Avoiding Embezzlement

Your public housing agency (PHA) is more susceptible to being robbed from within by employees than by strangers from the outside.  This bulletin will answer some of the basic questions about embezzlement and things you can do to prevent it.