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We audited the Yorkville Cooperative’s administration of its U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-insured property and housing assistance contract based on a complaint alleging that the Cooperative (1) spent excessive amounts for maintenance and repairs and (2) did not recertify tenants in a timely manner.  Our objective was to determine whether the Cooperative administered its HUD-insured property and housing assistance contract according to applicable requirements.

The Cooperative did not always administer its HUD-insured property and housing assistance contract in accordance with its regulatory agreement and applicable HUD requirements Specifically, it (1) did not always obtain the required number of written cost estimates or have documentation to support payments for products and services, including maintenance and repair work on units totaling more than $1.8 million, and (2) it paid nearly $297,000 for prohibited legal services.  It also did not ensure that it correctly calculated housing assistance payments. The payments for prohibited legal services and the inaccurate housing assistance payments are repeat findings from our 2009 audit of the Cooperative.

We recommend that HUD direct the Cooperative to (1) provide documentation to support payments totaling more than $1.8 million or reimburse the project from nonproject funds for amounts that it cannot support and (2) reimburse the project nearly $297,000 from nonproject funds for the ineligible legal expenses.  Also, from our previous audit report, we will reopen recommendations that HUD direct the Cooperative to develop and implement procedures to ensure that (1) disbursements made from its operating account are for expenses that are reasonable, necessary, and in accordance with program requirements and (2) housing assistance payments are correctly calculated and supported with the required documentation.