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We audited Summit Construction and Environmental Services, LLC, because we received an anonymous complaint alleging that Summit Construction (1) did not perform lead-based paint evaluations in a timely manner, (2) did not produce adequate lead-based paint inspection reports in accordance with applicable requirements, and (3) showed favoritism toward certain contractors performing lead-paint inspections.  Our objective was to determine whether the allegations in the complaint had merit.  We focused the audit on determining whether Summit Construction (1) performed timely lead-based paint evaluations, (2) produced adequate lead-based paint evaluation reports, and (3) properly procured lead-based paint inspection services in accordance with its contract and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements.

The allegations in the complaint had no merit.  Summit Construction generally performed timely lead-based paint evaluations and produced adequate lead-based paint evaluation reports in accordance with its contract and HUD requirements.  Also, Summit Construction was not required to follow Federal procurement requirements when procuring subcontractors for lead-based paint inspection services.

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