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Date Issued
Septiembre 09, 2019
Closed Date
Febrero 08, 2021
OIG Component Office
Implement adequate controls to ensure the review of the management agent fee to ensure that it is properly calculated in accordance with the HUD management agent certification and approved prior to payment from project operating funds.
Program Office
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2019-BO-1004-001-A Cerrado Septiembre 09, 2019 Reimburse the project $17,761 from nonproject funds for the project operating funds disbursed for ineligible expenses.
2019-BO-1004-001-B Cerrado Septiembre 09, 2019 Support or reimburse the project $17,653 from nonproject funds for the project operating funds disbursed without sufficient supporting documentation.
2019-BO-1004-001-C Cerrado Septiembre 09, 2019 Reclassify and properly record $45,000 in owner advances misclassified as loans.
2019-BO-1004-001-D Cerrado Septiembre 09, 2019 Strengthen controls to ensure that project advances are reimbursed only when the project is in a surplus-cash position.
2019-BO-1004-001-F Cerrado Septiembre 09, 2019 Implement adequate controls to ensure that project funds are used only for eligible and supported operating expenses.
2019-BO-1004-001-G Cerrado Septiembre 09, 2019 Obtain a formal agreement and approval from HUD to specify who is authorized to use the project’s community and recreation rooms and what activities are authorized or prohibited. In addition, this agreement must ensure that sufficient legal and liability protections are in place, establish consequences for noncompliance, and determine who is to pay for the utilities and maintenance of the rooms.
2019-BO-1004-001-H Cerrado Septiembre 09, 2019 Amend the management agent agreement compensation schedule to remove bookkeeping fees as a fee separate from the 8.9 percent management agent fee.