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Funds Put to Better Use
Funds Put to Better Use

Recommendations that funds be put to better use estimate funds that could be used more efficiently. For example, recommendations that funds be put to better use could result in reductions in spending, deobligation of funds, or avoidance of unnecessary spending.

Questioned Costs
Questioned Costs

Recommendations with questioned costs identify costs: (A) resulting from an alleged violation of a law, regulation, contract, grant, or other document or agreement governing the use of Federal funds; (B) that are not supported by adequate documentation (also known as an unsupported cost); or (C) that appear unnecessary or unreasonable.


Sensitive information refers to information that could have a damaging import if released to the public and, therefore, must be restricted from public disclosure.


We believe these open recommendations, if implemented, will have the greatest impact on helping HUD achieve its mission to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.

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Date Issued

Chief Financial Officer

  •   2023-FO-0004-001-B
    Closed on August 10, 2023
    Develop and document internal procedures to ensure the OCFO’s responsibilities specified within the new or updated grant accrual validation policy are addressed.
  •   2023-FO-0004-001-A
    Closed on July 31, 2023
    Develop and issue a departmental grant accrual validation policy or update the existing grant accrual policy to include the validation process. The policy should include 1) specific control activities over the grant accrual validation and outline all of the specific roles and responsibilities; 2) a periodic review of the grant accrual validation to evaluate and reassess its continued relevance and control effectiveness, and ensure any changes are designed and implemented appropriately; and 3) a clear communication plan that requires formal and documented communications between appropriate program offices and OCFO to ensure the validation results are used to update the grant accrual methodology and subsequent period’s estimate, as appropriate.


  •   2023-FO-0003-001-D
    Closed on September 27, 2023
    Receive a final opinion from HUD’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s Appropriation Law Division on whether FHA was in violation of the Antideficiency Act.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-L
    Closed on September 29, 2023
    Coordinate with the NSC to conduct a detailed review of the HECM assigned notes portfolio to identify and record all default events that have occurred to date and initiate collection proceedings in accordance with the applicable HUD Handbooks.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-E
    Closed on August 10, 2023
    Implement procedures to enhance the review of all journal entries recorded in the general ledger by requiring a two-level review that includes the review of source documents for the journal entry (for example, the OMB approved SF 132).
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-A
    Closed on August 02, 2023
    Establish change management and periodic reviews of control activities to ensure regulatory changes, such as Fiscal Service updates to the USSGL, are identified, analyzed, and assessed for potential needed changes to FHA’s established processes.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-I
    Develop effective detective controls to ensure HECM loan receivables are accurate and complete, exist, and FHA appropriately holds or controls the rights to any collateral property in connection with the receivable.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-J
    Closed on September 29, 2023
    Develop and implement procedures to review the reasonableness of the amounts included in the Missing Documents Report before recording the reclassification entry. Include steps to be followed if the amounts in the report do not appear reasonable.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-C
    Closed on June 07, 2023
    Establish internal control procedures around the borrowings process to include verifying sufficient borrowing authority exists within the SF 132, prior to executing the borrowing request. Such verification should also be included as part of the borrowing review and approval controls.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-B
    Closed on August 03, 2023
    Establish and ensure appropriate and effective communication protocols between OFAR, FHA, and HUD’s Office of Budget to ensure (1) funding type is clearly indicated within the SF 132 and clear communications are made in differentiating between definite and indefinite borrowing authority, (2) legislative changes in FHA’s borrowing authority are vetted with OMB to ensure appropriate treatment, and (3) – draft SF-133s are reviewed and vetted with HUD and FHA’s budget officers prior to OFAR’s finalization with Treasury and OMB.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-G
    Closed on June 07, 2023
    Perform a thorough review of the SF 132 to SF 133 reconciliations and work with Financial Analysis and Controls Division and other divisions and groups to resolve material reconciling items timely.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-H
    Coordinate with the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family Housing and HUD’s Office of the Chief Procurement Office (OCPO) in developing effective communication channels between FHA’s NSC and OFAR, and in developing effective monitoring controls to ensure the timely identification and remediation of issues, such as unprocessed documentation and inaccurate records, which may impact the balances reported within FHA’s financial statements.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-M
    Coordinate with the NSC and the OCPO to determine whether the information technology system could be enhanced to track the annual payment of state property taxes for the HECM portfolio.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-F
    Closed on June 07, 2023
    Strengthen controls over the preparation of the SF 132 to the SF 133 reconciliation by preparing such reconciliations (1) first, with the unadjusted trial balance and later, with the adjusted trial balance and (2) at the fund level, with detailed documentation of differences, and with sufficient detailed explanations that describe the general ledger impact of the differences.
  •   2023-FO-0003-001-K
    Closed on September 27, 2023
    Coordinate with the NSC to take all the actions necessary required by HUD Handbook 4000.1 to ensure that FHA’s interests are protected with respect to the partial claims for which FHA has not received the original promissory note and recorded mortgage.

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

  •   2021-OE-0008-03
    Assess HUD reviewers’ skills and readiness to determine the appropriate frequency of training.
  •   2021-OE-0008-01
    Provide more detailed guidance to HUD reviewers on benchmarks for each performance standard.
  •   2021-OE-0008-04
    Provide more detailed guidance to HUD reviewers and FHEO regional directors on when and under what circumstances to recommend or issue a PIP.
  •   2021-OE-0008-02
    Update the PAR template to ensure that HUD reviewers include required information.

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

  •   2023-BO-0001-001-A
    Update HUD Handbook 8024.01, REV-2, and regional intake policies and procedures as necessary to include (1) minimum requirements that all regions follow for documenting in HEMS attempts to reach out to claimants when additional information is needed before closing inquiries; (2) policies and procedures for collecting, recording, and documenting all relevant electronic intake information in HEMS; and (3) clarifying that communications with claimants regarding inquiry closure, requests for additional information, and notices of jurisdiction information clearly inform the claimant of the ability to provide additional information within the statute of limitations.