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Funds Put to Better Use
Funds Put to Better Use

Recommendations that funds be put to better use estimate funds that could be used more efficiently. For example, recommendations that funds be put to better use could result in reductions in spending, deobligation of funds, or avoidance of unnecessary spending.

Questioned Costs
Questioned Costs

Recommendations with questioned costs identify costs: (A) resulting from an alleged violation of a law, regulation, contract, grant, or other document or agreement governing the use of Federal funds; (B) that are not supported by adequate documentation (also known as an unsupported cost); or (C) that appear unnecessary or unreasonable.


Sensitive information refers to information that could have a damaging import if released to the public and, therefore, must be restricted from public disclosure.


We believe these open recommendations, if implemented, will have the greatest impact on helping HUD achieve its mission to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.

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Date Issued

Chief Financial Officer

  •   2023-FO-0009-002-A
    Closed on September 29, 2023
    Reevaluate the methodology and reassess the weight assigned to each risk factor to ensure that appropriate weight is given to risks associated with non-Federal administrators or consider doing one risk assessment for HUD’s internal payment cycle and another risk assessment for the non-Federal entities that administer HUD’s program funds.
  •   2023-FO-0009-001-C
    Closed on September 29, 2023
    Develop a secure platform for the collection and storage of PIIA data that contain PII and formally assign a staff with adequate training and skillsets to administer the data and application (including maintaining and managing access controls of a chosen application that will be used to store the PIIA data with PII).
  •   2023-FO-0009-001-B
    Develop and complete a detailed plan and timeline for completing compliant PIH-TBRA and PBRA program estimates and ensure that the improper payment council prioritizes completion of the plan in time for fiscal year 2023 reporting.
  •   2023-FO-0009-001-A
    Establish an improper payment council within HUD that consists of senior accountable officials from across the Department with a role in the effort that would work to identify risks and challenges to compliance and identify solutions as a collaborative group.

Community Planning and Development

  •   2023-FW-0002-001-H
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery provide training to grantees regarding the reporting, tracking, and expenditure of program income.
  •   2023-FW-0002-001-G
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery develop and implement controls to ensure that grantees’ policies and procedures related to program income are adequate.
  •   2023-FW-0002-001-F
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery implement quality control procedures to ensure that HUD staff completes the action plan and QPR checklists.
  •   2023-FW-0002-001-E
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery establish a mechanism to train grantees and HUD staff on existing guidance regarding supporting documentation for expenditures, FFRs, and program income balances on a recurring basis. Additionally, provide guidance and establish recurring training for HUD staff to monitor grantees for program income and submission of the FFRs..
  •   2023-FW-0002-001-D
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery develop and implement controls to ensure that untimely FFRs are identified and corrected.
  •   2023-FW-0002-001-C
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery develop and implement controls to ensure that program income balance discrepancies are identified and corrected.
  •   2023-FW-0002-001-B
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery work with its grantee to resolve or correct program income balances for the three grants that had program income balances outstanding.
  •   2023-FW-0002-001-A
    We recommend that the Director for HUD’s Office of Disaster Recovery require grantees to support or repay to its program $2,551,375, from nonfederal funds, for the 9 vouchers that did not have adequate supporting documentation for expenditures.


  •   2023-NY-0002-001-J
    Consider evaluating whether and how a similar policy for disasters or emergencies or a permanent version of the policy could be used to manage risk to the insurance fund while increasing lender participation. This should include further studying lenders’ use of the policy and the long-term performance of loans endorsed under it. It could also include reviewing the compliance, guidance, and process issues identified during this audit and through the resolution of the other recommendations to refine any future endorsement policies related to forbearance.
  •   2023-NY-0002-001-I
    Update indemnification agreements or obtain updated indemnification agreements for the 30 loans for which the indemnification agreements had incorrect or missing information or were not signed by HUD and upload them to its SharePoint site so that such agreements are properly executed and can be traced to HUD’s computer systems for future use.
  •   2023-NY-0002-001-H
    Review and correct indemnification agreement data in HUD’s computer systems as needed for all agreements currently classified as having 2-year terms and all agreements related to 2-year agreements contained on its SharePoint site to ensure that its systems contain accurate data for monitoring and enforcement of agreements. This recommendation includes but is not limited to reviewing the agreement number, agreement term, billing lender, expiration date, refinance indicator, and source indicator.
  •   2023-NY-0002-001-G
    Record indemnification agreement data in its system for the 34 loans for which the lender properly executed an indemnification agreement before endorsement and HUD had not recorded the agreement in its system to put up to $3,493,636 to better use by avoiding potential losses.
  •   2023-NY-0002-001-F
    Consider implementing a policy to review any of the 292 loans not reviewed as part of this audit that result in a request for claim to ensure that the loans qualified for endorsement under the temporary endorsement policy so that HUD can avoid unnecessary payments for loans that should not have been endorsed.
  •   2023-NY-0002-001-E
    Closed on August 31, 2023
    Update data in HUD’s system for the three cases in which the lender incorrectly reported the loans as in COVID-19 forbearance at the time of endorsement to ensure that accurate data are maintained.
  •   2023-NY-0002-001-D
    For any of the 3,024 loans found to be subject to the temporary policy or otherwise ineligible for insurance, require the lenders to execute indemnification agreements covering a period of at least 5 years or reimburse HUD for any claims to put up to $26,840,071 to better use by protecting HUD against potential losses. For any indemnification agreements executed, HUD should properly store the agreements and record the agreement data.
  •   2023-NY-0002-001-C
    Request and analyze data from lenders for the 3,024 loans at risk of noncompliance to identify loans that should have been subject to the temporary endorsement policy or were otherwise ineligible for insurance. The data requested should include but not be limited to the dates when the borrower requested forbearance, the loan became subject to forbearance, and the loan was submitted for endorsement.